AZ MIX is a compounding pharmacy that provides affordable compounds prescriptions with the added convenience of delivery and after hours/weekend/holiday customer service. Our company believes in providing quality compounds that are priced fairly. These products will improve the quality of our clients’ life and overall health. Additionally, AZ MIX strives to have a close connection to the prescribers and patients in order to take a teamwork approach to improve the patient’s health outcomes.

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Who We Are



Owner and Pharmacist in Charge

I’ve always had a natural ability to communicate with physicians and patients in a professional and
caring manner, formulating custom solutions to address patients’ unique history and health concerns.
In doing so, I’ve formed true partnerships with clinicians and their patients, enabling all to work as a
team to assure the best patient outcome.
Developing skills from my long history of pharmacy team management and customer relations, I’ve
become a fast problem solver to develop corrective procedures. Being true to giving back to the
community, I love building relationships with my patients, and getting to know my customers.
Multi-tasking has been something I’ve always been able to do. I have an ability to wear multiple hats
and work on several projects at one time and this has especially come in handy being a busy wife and
mother of two very active girls.
On a personal level, I became interested in hormone compounds in my early 40s. I turned 40 and
started to feel run down and tired everyday with no energy for anything other than work. Out of
desperation, I sought medical advice. I discovered right away that I had a hormone deficiency and
started supplementation. Almost immediately, my fatigue improved and I was back to my “old young
self”. As a believer that everything happens for a reason, I turned my focus to compound education
which led me to start my own compounding pharmacy.
In my free time, I enjoy working out, being outdoors and spending quality time with my family.

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Head of Compounding

I was born and raised in South Korea. I moved to this country with hopes of becoming an “American

After graduating from University of Illinois at Chicago with a Psychology Degree, I decided to change my
career path to the pharmacy field. I wanted to pursue a career where I could build a direct relationship
with patients. I began my career at one of the big chain pharmacies as a technician in 2004. With hard
work I became the Lead Technician and got my first certificate in non-sterile compounding in 2011. In
2016 I got my certificate in sterile compounding through PCCA(Professional Compounding Centers of

The primary reason that I chose compounding over other pharmacy fields is that I can have a direct
impact on patients’ life. I like knowing that the medications that I help create have a positive affect on
people. For me this career is not about making big money, rather it is about making a positive impact on
people that truly need my help.