AZ MIX is a compounding pharmacy that provides affordable compound prescriptions with the added convenience of delivery and after hours/weekend/holiday customer service. Our company believes in providing quality compounds that are priced fairly. These products will improve the quality of our clients’ life and overall health. Additionally, AZ MIX strives to have a close connection to the prescribers and patients in order to take a teamwork approach to improve the patient’s health outcomes.

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AZ MIX wants to provide holistic, tailored medications to treat the actual problem rather than provide simple drugs to mask the symptoms.  AZ MIX makes other medications as well, but they are not going to be as harmful or addictive as most of the commercial medications prescribed currently (opioids, narcotics etc.).  AZ MIX provides individualized medication specific to each patient as well as to their problems.  Have an allergy or problem taking a medication in a certain form?  AZ MIX will come up with a solution.  In addition to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, AZ MIX can make Slow Release Thyroid Supplement Capsules, Topical Pain Creams, Psoriasis and Eczema Creams, Wound and Scar medications, Anti-Aging products, Neurological Products, and of course Vet Medications (with special animal approved flavors).

AZ MIX owners believe that the body provides signs (aka symptoms) to show that something is not right.  The easiest example would be having an elevated fever.  What is your body telling you?   Our bodies are geniuses, we have an amazing system that wants to stay in equilibrium.   At AZ MIX that is our goal. AZ MIX wants to provide medications to treat the patient not the symptom if possible.   And if we must treat the symptom AZ MIX wants to take a targeted approach that will be less harmful to the patient.  Expect the unexpected pharmacy when you get your medication from AZ MIX.  Expect that your medication will be specific to your needs and individualized to you as a patient which is unexpected today in pharmacy.

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AZ MIX makes medications individualized for animals too. As pet owner ourselves, at AZ MIX we care about your furry pal. Like kids (and some adults) we know how hard it is to get your pet to take medication in certain dosage forms (tablet, capsule etc.). Let us come up with some creative solutions to fix your problem. Whether it is allergies, special diets, texture let us create a medication your animal will “willingly” take.  Additionally, we offer a variety of flavors and are available on the weekend to make emergency medications.

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